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MOVIE WEB: Long-Lost Horror Sequel Is Finally Getting Released

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Grizzly II: Revenge Trailer: Long-Lost Horror Sequel Is Finally Getting Released

By KEVIN BURWICK - February 19, 2020 in MOVIE TRAILERS

Grizzly II: Revenge is coming. The long-unfinished sequel has been in a vault for decades, with only inferior bootlegs floating around. The sequel, also known as Grizzly II: The Predator and as Grizzly II: The Concert, was originally shot in 1983 in Hungary by director André Szöts, but was never released to theaters. The story behind the movie is just as epic as the first trailer for the newly completed project, which you can check out below.

The Grizzly II: Revenge story revolves around a menacing 15-ft grizzly bear who reacts to the slaughter of her cub by killing anyone that gets in her way. In the 3 days before the major concert taking place in Yellowstone National Park, the gigantic grizzly has brutally attacked campers Ron (George Clooney), Tina (Laura Dern) and Lance (Charlie Sheen), poachers and a park ranger. The terror doesn't end there as the giant grizzly bear finds its way to the concert grounds to go on a killing spree. While George Clooney, Laura Dern, and Charlie Sheen are some big names to be attached to Grizzly II: Revenge, they're all barely in the movie. However, having them in the movie is more of a novelty any way. This is a celebration for the long-awaited sequel finally getting finished after a nightmare production. Suzanne Nagy was one of the producers on the horror movie and lost financial backing when her American co-financier left her high and dry in Hungary.

The huge concert scene attracted over 40,000 visitors and used the Rolling Stones' gigantic stage to host the rock show in Hungary. The production was supposed to last 45 days, but that didn't end up happening when Suzanne Nagy's partner suddenly bailed. Horror fans have waited decades to officially see the movie and not many ever thought that it would ever be completed. Nagy had this to say about the recent completion.

"In 2018, the time was right to rethink the Grizzly movie and create a challenging new narrative with a new message which could fill the missing part in the movie. Restoring the old footage was a great challenge. But in the summer of 2019, we got a clean, super crispy digital transfer from London. During the waiting period, we worked on the new script and re-erected the film from its dormant stage. We didn't want to make a 21st century movie when we looked at the footage. We wanted to keep it as original as possible to have an authentic American movie quality from the 80's. Something that was missed or lost and found later on to attract enthusiastic cult lovers."

The recently-finished version of Grizzly II: Revenge held a soft screening in Los Angeles earlier this week. Hopefully more screenings will be announced in the coming weeks so that horror fans all over the world will get a chance to see the movie properly. From the looks of the trailer, fans are going to want to see this in a theater, as it looks awesome. You can check out the trailer for Grizzly II: Revenge above, thanks to the GBGB International YouTube channel.


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