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MOVIES IN FOCUS: After nearly 40 years, Grizzly II: Revenge has finally been completed

Posted on April 30, 2020 by Niall Browne in News

After nearly 40 years, Grizzly II: Revenge has finally been completed.  The never released sequel to the 1976 horror film Grizzly was filming in Hungary in 1983 when the project fell apart after one of the money men walked away. Principal photography continued, including a Woodstock-style concert featuring an audience of 40,000, but key elements were never completed. 

Now after years of legal wrangles, the film has been ‘re-erected’ by producer Suzanne C. Nagy and it will finally see the light of day. It looks like a must for horror fanatics and a curiosity for film fans in general because the cast includes George Clooney, Laura DernCharlie Sheen and John Rhys-Davies,

Movies In Focus will feature a review of Grizzly II: Revenge soon, but in the meantime you can enjoy the below trailer:


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