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Please watch "GRIZZLY II. REVENGE" and VOTE for us!

June 18, 2020

The Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 Trendsetters (Feature Narrative)

TRENDSETTERS showcases content from new and emerging voices. Featuring first-time festival selectees, TRENDSETTERS is a smorgasbord of different genre, style and unique flair.

Please vote by first writing VOTED in the comments section, followed by the names of your two favorite films. Then head to our website on to fill out the more detailed voting form.

Votes with only one selection/ the same film twice will be INVALID.

Strictly one set of votes per person.

Voting will end 10pm (BST) Sunday 21st June.

After the festival, these films will be removed from the public domain.

Please note: some supporters may be unable to vote. They just need to make double sure that they are logged into Vimeo using the account that they used to purchase the collection, that they clear their cache, restart their browser, or use a totally different device.

It can be a common issue that users are unable to leave comments, but if the above steps are taken this usually helps.


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